Academic Performance Indicators

EGIDA develops activities related to the review and improvement of indicators associated with the University’s various operating spheres. The Office’s objective is to assist the university’s management in its planning process and decision-making based on evidence, as well as provide elements that cooperate with the comparison between USP and other prestigious national and international institutions.

A more robust assortment of data of this nature will contribute to a deeper institutional self-awareness. It will also be fundamental for the decision-making process of managers and to the implementation of politics by the University. Additionally, this data will reinforce the visibility, diversity and accuracy of  the University’s initiatives and their subsequent outcomes.

Under these circumstances, the constitution of thematic Work Groups is worthy of emphasis. These GTs, an acronym for “Work Groups” in Portuguese, gather representatives of different areas of knowledge that work in different activities of Teaching, Research, Extension and Management, with the mission to reflect, review, and offer suggestions for the construction of new metrics and indicators.

For the past few years, some Work Groups have been established and finished their tasks: